Ruten fra København til Helsingør
– langs Strandvejen

Strandvejen is the road that connects Copenhagen with North Sealand.

This road is iconic, because it will take you along the beautifull coast all the way up to Elsinore. It is a much more picturesque way to see North Sealand, than taking the highway.

This road is iconic, because it will take you along the beautifull coast all the way up to Elsinore. It is a much more picturesque way to see North Sealand, than taking the highway.

On you way, you will pass Hellerup, a posh area for people with higher income that the average. Actually as you drive up along the Strandvejen, you will notice the houses getter bigger and more expensive. It is not uncommon that a house on Strandvejen costs from 20 million DKK and up. Most people living here are entrepreneurs and business owners.

After Hellerup you will drive through Charlottenlund. On the coast you will find Charlottenlund Fort and strandpark.Take a stop here to see the canons, dip your toes in the ocean and enjoy an ice cream from the shop.

Skovshoved Harbour, is a beautiful harbour, where you will find restaurants and a harbour bath. Drive further to come to Klampenborg.


In Klampenborg you will see Bellevue Beach and the statue of Knud Rasmussen, the Greenland seafarer, who is looking over the ocean. The world-famous architect Arne Jacobsen’s renowned Bella Vista residential complex from 1934. Arne Jacobsen placed the apartments in a staggered rhythm in relation to each other, so each apartment has two living rooms with sea views. The view can also be taken from the balconies that are integrated in the building in contrast to other contemporary buildings, where the balcony hangs outside. The floor displacements, the framework over the balconies and the rounded corners make the buildings radiate an elegant, southern modernity, and with its whitewashed facades, flat roofs and corner windows, it is a typical representative of functionalism.

After Klampenborg, you will see the the road become more narrow and it will lead you through smaller villages. All with beatifull expensive houses. Taarbæk, which is a part of Lyngby. Skodsborg, with the gorgeous Spa Hotel that you will drive past. Turn left at Skodsborgvej, and you will come to Nærum. After Skodsborg Bech, you come to Vedbæk Harbour.

Further up along the road, you will find Rungsted. This is here you find Karen Blixen Museum and Rungsted Harbour with a large variation of restaurants and shops. Drive further up to Nivå Strandpark, where you also will find a harbour an Sletten Restaurant.

From Nivå you come to Humlebæk Strandpark, this is here you find Louisiana Museum of modern art. Now if you continue up north you will come to Elsinore. Take a stop and visit Kronborg Castle. The city has direct ferries to Sweden, Helsingborg.

Bellevue Strand

In Klampenborg, you will find the popular Bellevue Beach. You will find a kiosk and public toilets at the beach. You can play Beach Volley ball or just relax in the sand. The beach is known for its iconic light towers, designed by the design architect Arne Jacobsen. Across from the beach you will see the Bellevue Theater which is also designed as a part of Arne Jacobsens Bella Vista, “The white town”. An Apartment building designed so every apartment has sea-view.

The beach is 700 meter long and during the summer, the has lifeguards.

You will find benches and also a large grass area. Bring a ball or packed lunch for a lovely day out of the hotel.


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